What's this?

It's a blog. More or less. In English. And, it it shuld turn out like than, in Norwegian. Because I'm Norwegian. And like to blog in English. But perhaps not all the time.

I've blogged for years. In English. And Norwegian. Mostly in Norwegian. And I've established many blogs. I am, according to a mad friend, a serial blog establisher. That has to end. But so does the personae I've been blogging as for years. It was fun. But now it's rather constraining. So I'm breaking free. It is extinct anyway.

But why Flotsam? And why Jetsam? Ah, well, if you don't know your Tolkien, you're probably in the wrong place. But let's just say that dragging debris out of the ruins of a lost culture is more or less my project. I won't smoke it, though. I'm asthmatic.

From now on, this is my only blog. Except the one I write at work, obviously. But this is my only other blog. Feel free to sift through the debris.

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  1. Så fikk jeg til slutt rotet meg innom denne bloggen din også. Undrer meg litt over det som teknisk sett er fjerde setning i det første avsnittet ovenfor. What's this - indeed.