I'm a music man. I've listened to music all my life. Loads of it. And though eclectic is a much abused word, there really is no other word to explain my tastes in music (except, perhaps, weird). I love Billy Joel (the early stuff), southern boogie (though I prefer Molly Hatchet to Lynyrd Skynyrd), folk rock (Horslips, Fairport, Show of Hands), folk punk (Pogues, Flogging Mollys, late Dropkick Murphys), a bit of prog (Caravan, Tull and Mostly Autumn yes, Genesis and ELP no). I tend to bore people by declaring the genius of Desmond Child & Rouge (back before Desmond wrote all those hit tunes for everybody else). I'm a great fan of neofolk (all things Wakefordian, Rome, Death in June ... hm, Douglas P and Desmond Child in duet, now that's an idea), ambient (Robert Rich, Tor Lundvall, Chris Ryan), neoclassical (even when it crosses over into new age), classical (composers like Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Purcell, Schubert, Szymanowski, Kilar, Pärt and Rachmaninov, but not Wagner, and generally not symphonies), folkies (man, I love Paul Simon), soul (Gladys Knight, Etta James, Amy Winehouse), ska (and reggae before Jah and pot got the better of them), country (though not as much as I used to), hard rock (the death of Phil Lynott was the first rock'n'roll death that touched me), NWOBHM (Saxon, Def Leppard, Manowar; not Maiden that much, to tell the truth), British light music (ancient pop like Eric Coates and Ronald Binge), Vera Lynne, The Kinks (and early Beatles), Beach Boys (the early stuff), hair metal (Faster Pussycat and Vain; even a bit of Poison). In a perverted way I even love eurobeat (basically italian disco made for Japanese teenage girls – with lyrics to match), and I'm a great fan of Damh the Bard, the worlds greatest druid folkie. I love Scott Walker, The Triffids (David McComb was the Scott Walker of post punk) and The Blackeyed Susans. I'm not really a blues fan, but for some reason Rory Gallagher rocks my world.

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