tirsdag 2. november 2010

Death, decay and a cup of tea

It's raining in Oslo. And the wind is literally whipping the last of the leaves off the birch outside my office. It's November and sweet melcancholy is in the air.

It's time for the last tunes from a dying man, Schubert's late sonatas. Schubert finished them in Sepbember 1828. By the end of November he was dead.

In my book the one to play these sonatas is Sviatoslav Richter. I first heard them in a recording with Andras Schiff. And they left me cold. Or rather, I simply stopped listening after a few minutes.

The first time I heard Richter play them, I fell into the music from the very first note. Richter is perhaps my favourite pianist, and nowhere is he better than here.

It's time for a cup of tea, methinks.

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