mandag 22. november 2010

Cuteness from beyond

There is cute. And there is CUTE. And then there are children drawing the monsters of H.P. Lovecraft. And that's beyond cute.

To quote the article from which the pic was stolen:

"Since their original publication in the 1920s, the stories of H.P. Lovecraft have endured and grown into an entire subset of the horror genre unto themselves, with themes of the unavoidable insanity that comes with knowledge and cosmic insignificance that are far more subtle and ultimately terrifying than the average ghost story.

Which makes them
great entertainment for eight year-olds"

Thought David Milano, who told his children's choir Lovecraft-stories and had the draw the monsters of H.P. You can see some of them by following the link above, or see them all if you follow the links to the galleries from Milano's own blog post about the project.


(Via Bodil at Facebook.)

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